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Pool Rules

Pool Rules
05/18/2021 5:56pm

Pool Rules (Tulsa County Health Department)

  • No Diving

  • No Lifeguard or Attendant on Duty

  • Emergency Phone Dial 911

  • Pool is for Residents and 2 Resident guests ONLY

  • Bathers must take shower and remove excess body lotion before entering the pool

  • Persons with communicable diseases, open wounds or bandages must not enter pool

  • Animals are not allowed inside pool enclosure

  • Swimming alone is prohibited

  • Children under the age of 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult of 18 years of age or older

  • No running or rough play in and around the pool

  • No GLASS or glassware allowed in pool area

  • No food or drink allowed in pool

  • “Cut-offs”, if worn, must be hemmed

  • Pool has a bather load of 100 persons

  • No skateboards or bicycles allowed on pool deck

  • Pool hours are 10AM-9PM Tuesday – Sunday

  • Pool season is from the Friday of Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day

  • Pool gate codes are NOT to be shared

  • Do not provide access to those without operable pool gate codes

  • Pool access is available to those Homeowners in good standing


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